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Why: We believe that amazing experiences shape children's futures. We're passionate about creating connections between youth program providers and families searching for enriching opportunities for their kids.

What: Camps With Friends is more than a directory; it's a bridge uniting parents and providers. Our platform offers providers an intuitive space to showcase their programs and connect directly with families. Parents gain a user-friendly tool to research and choose the perfect enrichment experience for their kids.

How: With a focus on convenience and simplicity, we're making it easy for you to reach the right audience and for parents to discover what you offer. Our user-centric platform expedites the search process and allows you to share engaging content through features like 'Camp Moments'

Unleashing the Potential of Youth Enrichment Programs with Camps With Friends

Inspiring Growth, Empowering Success

With up to 50 million children in America never having experienced the joy and developmental boost of summer camps, there lies a significant opportunity for youth enrichment programs to tap into a vast market. Now, more than ever, first generation American families are in need of information and guidance about these programs, seeking enriching opportunities for their children.

Camps With Friends offers youth enrichment programs an unmatched platform to connect with these families on a direct and personal level. By leveraging our services, your program can spark conversations, provide crucial information, and guide parents in making informed decisions concerning their children's growth and development. Let's take the lead, bridge the gap, and bring enrichment opportunities to every child in America.

1. Silver Plan - $19.99

Perfect for local businesses looking to make a splash in the youth programs market, our Silver Plan gives you a taste of what Camps With Friends has to offer. It includes:

  • Access to our intuitive admin portal
  • Priority featuring in search results (beat all standard listings within your category)
  • One-on-one training to help you maximize your profile
  • 5 blog posts created by our Camps With Friends marketing experts
  • Direct messaging with prospective parents
  • One-on-one video interview about your program to be posted on our social media channels

Get started with Silver and mark your presence!

2. Gold Plan - $49.99

Upgrade to the Gold Plan to gain better visibility and more features. The Gold Plan is designed for established programs seeking to reach a broader audience. It includes all Silver benefits, plus:

  • Priority placement over Silver listings in search results within your category
  • Double the amount of marketing blog posts (10 total)
  • Limited access to "Camp Moments", our exciting new photo sharing feature for 2024
Go for Gold and shine brighter on our platform!

3. Platinum Plan - $99.99

Our Platinum Plan is the top-tier package designed for programs that want maximum visibility and access to all our premium features. In addition to all the benefits of Gold, you'll receive:

  • Dominance in search results, appearing above all other listings within your category
  • Unlimited access to "Camp Moments", allowing for endless photo sharing
  • 15 blog posts to maximize your profile SEO!
Choose Platinum to unlock the full power of Camps With Friends!

Introducing the All-New "Camp Moments" - Revolutionizing Photo Sharing

We're excited to introduce "Camp Moments," an innovative photo-sharing feature exclusively available for our Gold and Platinum subscribers.

"Camp Moments" allows program administrators to share precious camp memories with families directly through our platform. Just a click, and parents receive a secure link to view and download the photos. It accepts all standard formats (.jpg, .png) and even the more complex iPhone format (.heic). Better still, our platform compresses the images to ensure easy sharing and downloading.

But that's not all! This feature is paired with an advanced security protocol that protects photos behind a unique 4-digit pin. Families can access the memories simply and securely, thanks to Camps With Friends.

Exciting times are ahead as we're launching a Facial Recognition feature later this year. This game-changing addition will automatically notify parents when new photos of their children are uploaded.

Experience the future of photo sharing with "Camp Moments"—because every camp memory is worth treasuring!

Camp With Friends vs. Competitors: A Feature Comparison

See Why Camps With Friends Leads in Delivering Value and Impact to Youth Program Providers

Camps with friends features comparison sheet

"Camp with Friends provides Camp Broadway® with an easy-to-use platform that enables us to feature differentiating content and target parents around the country who are looking for a unique performing arts enrichment experience for their children. The site is an invaluable channel that will continue to be an important component part of our brand marketing and communications strategy."

Susan E. Lee
Camp Broadway®, Chief Creative Strategy

The direct messaging feature on Camps With Friends, which allows parents to communicate with youth programs, offers significant benefits to the listed businesses. These advantages pave the way for unique opportunities to establish connections, build trust, and streamline operations.

  1. Ease of Communication: Direct communication with parents speeds up resolution of inquiries and fosters personalised interaction, enhancing the top-notch customer service experience your business aims to provide.
  2. Competitive Advantage: Being listed on Camps With Friends and being available for direct messaging gives you an edge over competitors who are absent from the platform. This accessibility can lead to faster decision-making from parents and, consequentially, quicker enrollments.
  3. Trust Building: Transparent, direct communication creates a sense of reliability, demonstrating that your business values customer interactions and is ready and available to address any concerns.
  4. Feedback Collection: Direct messaging simplifies gathering feedback. This access to direct customer opinions can help your business continually improve its offering.
  5. Marketing Opportunity: Utilize this intimate communication channel to promote your programs, send personalized offers, or notify parents of upcoming events. Direct messaging is an effective marketing tool to display your business's unique features to interested parents.

In offering a direct line of communication between parents and youth programs, Camps With Friends serves as an effective platform where businesses can cultivate meaningful connections, swiftly resolve inquiries, and demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction, ultimately leading to tangible growth and success.

Copy of direct messaging CWF to parent (Your Story)
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