Youth Enrichment Summer Camps


In the vibrant tapestry of youth enrichment summer camps across the U.S., there exists a world of extraordinary opportunities waiting to be discovered by eager young minds. At Camps With Friends, we're dedicated to connecting families with a plethora of enriching summer experiences that not only entertain but also educate, inspire, and nurture growth in children and teens. From the rush of adventure expeditions nestled in the untouched corners of nature to the warm, starlit nights at sleepaway camps that promise laughter and lasting bonds, our platform is your gateway to a summer filled with unparalleled experiences.

Adventure camps beckon the young and fearless, offering escapades ranging from kayaking along glistening rivers, climbing towering peaks, to learning survival skills deep in the forests. These camps are designed to challenge participants, fostering resilience, teamwork, and a deep-seated connection with nature. Encounters with the wild inspire a sense of responsibility toward our planet, enriching young souls with lessons beyond the confines of a classroom.

For those starry-eyed dreamers enchanted by the digital world, STEM camps unlock doors to a universe where science, technology, engineering, and mathematics converge. These stimulating programs invite campers to code their first video game, engage in robotics challenges, or unravel the mysteries of the cosmos. It’s where creativity meets logic, sparking innovation and possibly igniting a passion that could shape future career paths.

The magic of sleepaway camps lies in their timeless appeal. Immersed in tradition and spirited camaraderie, these camps offer a diverse palette of activities from horseback riding, arts and crafts, to watersports and performing arts. It's a place where children can explore personal interests, discover new talents, and enjoy the sweetness of independence, all within a nurturing and safe environment.

Through Camps With Friends, finding and choosing the perfect summer camp is simplified. Our user-friendly platform and commitment to fostering connections make it easier than ever for parents to provide their children with unforgettable summer experiences. Whether your child is drawn to the serene melodies of nature, the allure of charting unknown territories, or the intriguing complexity of STEM projects, there’s a camp waiting to welcome them. Embrace the journey of exploration and let us connect your child with a summer filled with learning, growth, and joy.

Youth Robotics Camps

Youth Robotics Camps are educational programs that foster creativity, critical thinking and teamwork through hands-on robotics design, construction and programming activities.

Youth Indoor Sports Camps

Youth Indoor Sports Camps are active programs that foster physical fitness, teamwork, and skill improvement by engaging kids in a variety of sports activities conducted in an indoor setting.

Youth Pre-Teen Camps

Youth Pre-Teen Camps are targeted programs that offer pre-teens a blend of recreational, educational, and developmental activities in a supportive setting, aimed at facilitating their transition from childhood to adolescence.

Youth STEM Camps

Youth STEM Camps are specialized programs that ignite interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through interactive, hands-on learning activities.

Youth Art Camps

Youth Art Camps are creative programs that encourage artistic exploration, self-expression, and skill development using various art forms and mediums.

Youth Day Camps

Youth Day Camps are structured daytime programs that provide kids with fun, education, and developmental activities in a supervised environment.

Youth Outdoor Sports Camps

Youth Outdoor Sports Camps are active programs that encourage physical fitness, sportsmanship, and outdoor appreciation through various sports and recreational activities done in nature.

Youth Teen Camps

Youth Teen Camps are specially designed programs that provide teens with opportunities for personal growth, social interaction, and hobbies or career exploration, tailored to their specific interests and maturity levels.

Youth After School Programs

Youth After School Programs are structured initiatives that offer a mix of academic support, extracurricular activities, and social interaction in a safe and supervised environment, supplementing the learning and development of kids post school hours. 

Youth Religious Camps

Youth Religious Camps are faith-oriented programs that seek to nurture spiritual growth, moral values, and community service in addition to providing recreational activities. The teachings and activities in these camps align with the doctrines and customs of specific religious groups.

Youth New York Summer Camps

Uncover a world full of opportunities and wholesome experiences with our wide array of summer camps in New York. From the heart-pounding outdoor quests at Camp Chateaugay to enriching arts, science, and sports activities – there's truly something for everyone.

Youth Pre-Teen Camps

Unleash your pre-teen's potential with programs designed to boost their confidence, independence and prepare them for life's challenges.