Why Camps With Friends?

At Camps With Friends, our inspiration stems from the power of enriching experiences for our children. Our mission is to simplify the process of discovering and selecting the perfect Youth Enrichment Program, sparking opportunities for learning, growth, and memorable experiences.

In essence, we endeavor to facilitate impactful, rewarding connections between parents, children, and program providers.

Meaningful Data

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We encourage relevant content through our unique workflow process, that’ll improve your Google ranking.

Ad Center also lets you review campaign performance with data, redemption stats, and customer feedback all in one place, so you know what is and isn’t working. Merchants with access to our self-service Analytics tool can then act on those insights by editing their live campaigns or building a new one, all without leaving Ad Center.

Camp Moments

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Introducing the All-New "Camp Moments" - Revolutionizing Photo Sharing

We're excited to introduce "Camp Moments," an innovative photo-sharing feature exclusively available for our Gold and Platinum subscribers.

"Camp Moments" allows program administrators to share precious camp memories with families directly through our platform. Just a click, and parents receive a secure link to view and download the photos. It accepts all standard formats and even the more complex iPhone format. Better still, our platform compresses the images to ensure easy sharing and downloading.

But that's not all! This feature is paired with an advanced security protocol that protects photos behind a unique 4-digit pin. Families can access the memories simply and securely, thanks to Camps With Friends.



Let’s Explore

The Explore - Search feature of Camps With Friends offers an intuitive and efficient way for parents to discover Youth Enrichment Programs that resonate with their child's interests and fit their desired location. By simply inputting relevant search terms and their location, parents are able to access tailored program options.

This reduces the time and effort typically associated with sifting through various resources while increasing the accuracy of search results. By emphasizing direct communication and clarity, this feature effortlessly aligns with our mission, facilitating rewarding connections between parents, children, and program providers, ultimately helping children learn, grow, and create lasting memories.


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Countless parents in your vicinity are eager to engage with your Youth Enrichment Program. Connect and coordinate an array of nurturing opportunities for children across the US.

Our streamlined category search section makes it simple for parents to discover your business, promotional offers, and unique program highlights. With just a click, Camps With Friends brings your program to the fingertips of parents looking for the perfect enrichment experience for their children.


Coupons 2

On Camps With Friends, admins have the capability to seamlessly create and showcase coupons alongside their program listings in search results. This feature not only enhances their visibility to parents seeking suitable programs but also provides an attractive incentive for parents to explore their offerings.

Creating coupons is a breeze with our user-friendly dashboard, and they prove to be a highly effective marketing tool. The best part? Coupons are conveniently included in all three subscription plans without any additional charges, making them an accessible and valuable feature for all program providers.

SEO / Marketing

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Our model is straightforward and cost-effective - a simple, low monthly fee is all it takes.

At Camps With Friends, we are committed to empowering your business with strategic tools to heighten your online presence, bolster your marketing efforts, and drive enrollments. And we do this without taking any referral fee or commission.

Our approach involves generating a comprehensive SEO content brief for your business, strictly conforming to Google's best practices. Leveraging our vast experience in SEO, we craft an optimized landing page targeted specifically for your Youth Enrichment Program. We don't stop there; we create a minimum of 5 blog posts that target various keywords in your specific niche. This concerted strategy not only boosts your online visibility but also generates extended traffic to your page for years to come. All these efforts align perfectly with our mission of connecting more parents to your business, and ultimately, introducing more children to the enriching world of Youth Enrichment Programs.

Level Up

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In essence, Camps With Friends is your go-to platform for connecting with parents and promoting your Youth Enrichment Programs.

We offer practical tools and services centered on SEO and effective marketing strategies, all with a straightforward pricing model.

Come join us and witness the rewarding connections we create, driving your success in expanding enriching experiences for children.

Hello there! I'm Jason, the co-owner of Camps With Friends. I'm thrilled you're considering us as your partner in transforming your Youth Program experiences. If you've got questions or wish to discover in-depth what we can do to elevate your program, I'm here for you!

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