Why Camps With Friends?

Camps With Friends connects families and kids to outstanding youth enrichment programs.


We partner with summer camps, arts programs, education programs and more to help more kids lives be changed by their fantastic programs.


Camps with Friends offers:

*An innovative photo sharing platform with FACIAL RECOGNITION to securely share the memories of your program.

*AI content creation tools to streamline your social media marketing strategy.

*Community groups to help you build communication channels and community with both new and loyal families.

*Recruitment and marketing tools to help staff focus on what matters…their incredible programs!


If your program is looking to grow, or engage your current families in an unforgettable way, we would love to chat.

Camp Moments


Camp Moments: Capture and Showcase the Magic of Your Youth Program

Transform Everyday Moments into Lasting Memories and Marketing Gold

*Effortless Photo & Video Sharing: Easily collect and curate captivating visuals that highlight the fun, learning, and growth happening within your program.

*Personalized Albums for Every Session: Organize memories by session, event, or activity, allowing families to relive specific moments and stay connected long after the program ends.

*Secure and Private Sharing: Ensure the safety and privacy of your participants with password-protected albums and controlled access.

*Marketing Powerhouse: Showcase the unique value of your program through compelling visuals, attracting new families and building excitement for future enrollment.

*Parent Engagement Booster: Create a sense of community and belonging by encouraging families to share, comment, and celebrate their children’s experiences together.

Community Groups


Build a Thriving Online Community Around Your Program

Cultivate Connections, Strengthen Relationships, and Boost Your Program’s Reputation

*Targeted Engagement: Create dedicated online spaces for specific programs, age groups, or interest-based discussions, fostering meaningful interactions between staff, parents, and participants.

*Streamlined Communication: Share updates, announcements, and important information directly within the platform, eliminating the need for scattered emails and social media posts.

*Parent Empowerment: Empower parents to connect with each other, share insights, offer support, and build lasting friendships based on shared experiences within your program.

*Reputation Management: Showcase your program’s commitment to community by actively participating in and moderating group discussions, building trust and credibility with current and prospective families.

*Marketing Multiplier: Encourage word-of-mouth marketing by providing a platform where families can organically share their positive experiences and testimonials.

AI Content Creator

AI Content Hub Dashboard-1-1-1-1

Your Social Media Marketing Assistant

Supercharge Your Social Presence with AI-Powered Post Creation and Scheduling

*Effortless Social Media Management: Generate engaging social media posts for all your platforms in seconds, saving valuable time and resources.

*Customizable Content: Tailor each post to your specific programs, events, or target audience with just a few clicks.

*Multiple Platform Scheduling: Schedule your posts in advance to multiple social media channels, ensuring consistent and timely communication with your audience.

*Data-Driven Insights: Track post performance and engagement metrics to refine your social media strategy and maximize your reach.

*Marketing Boost: Maintain a vibrant and active social presence, attracting new families and building excitement for your youth programs.

Explore, Search & Marketing

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Unlock Your Youth Program's Full Potential with Camps With Friends

The Ultimate Growth Partner for Youth Programs: Boost Visibility, Drive Enrollment, and Simplify Your Marketing

Tired of struggling to fill your summer programs? Camps With Friends is the game-changer you've been waiting for. We're more than just a listing platform; we're your dedicated growth partner, providing the tools, expertise, and visibility you need to thrive.

Imagine your program featured prominently on a platform visited by over 500,000 families actively seeking summer enrichment for their children. That's the power of Camps With Friends. We'll help you:

*Get Discovered: Secure prime placement on our Explore page, where you'll be the first camp families see.

*Climb the Rankings: Our SEO experts will optimize your online presence, driving your program to the top of search results.

*Make Informed Decisions: Our advanced analytics provide deep insights into your audience's behavior, allowing you to tailor your marketing strategy for maximum impact.


But that's not all! We offer a suite of additional features, including an AI content hub, community groups, facial recognition, and Camp Moments to help you connect with families and create unforgettable experiences.

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In essence, Camps With Friends is your go-to platform for connecting with parents and promoting your Youth Enrichment Programs.

We offer practical tools and services centered on SEO and effective marketing strategies, all with a straightforward pricing model.

Come join us and witness the rewarding connections we create, driving your success in expanding enriching experiences for children.

Hello there! I'm Jason, the co-owner of Camps With Friends. I'm thrilled you're considering us as your partner in transforming your Youth Program experiences. If you've got questions or wish to discover in-depth what we can do to elevate your program, I'm here for you!

Let's schedule a short, 10-minute demo together. This no-obligation, one-on-one call is all about exploring how we can enhance your marketing initiatives, boost engagement with participants, and maximize your partnership with us. Your success is our goal, and I'm eager to personally connect with you. Simply click on the calendar below to pick a time slot that best fits your schedule. Excited for our chat!