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Unforgettable Journey: Sleepaway and Day Camps at Kimama Halfmoon

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Welcome to an unforgettable summer journey at Camp Halfmoon, your child's gateway to adventure and personal growth! Our one-of-a-kind Sleepaway and Day Camp offerings promise a season of fun, friendship and unforgettable memories amidst the scenic beauty of the Berkshires.

As you explore our unique blend of traditional and innovative programs, you'll find that Camp Halfmoon is more than just a camp—it's a community that cherishes diversity, inspires creativity, and fosters resilience. Our dedicated staff provide safe, nurturing environments for kids aged 6-17 to broaden their horizons, develop new skills, and discover their potential.

From high-energy sports to tranquil lakeside moments, every day here unfolds a new chapter of the Camp Halfmoon story—a tale of summers well spent. Whether you’re seeking an immersive sleep away summer camp experience or flexible day camp options, you've made the right stop.

So, dive in and start exploring—because at Camp Half Moon, every camper is part of our family. Here’s to the best sleepaway summer camps your child will ever have!

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5 Reasons to Choose Halfmoon for Your Child's Summer Adventure

Discover why Kimama Halfmoon in Massachusetts stands out as the ultimate summer camp experience!

1. Unrivaled Sleepaway and Day Camp Options

Whether you're searching for an enchanting sleepaway experience or an engaging day camp, Kimama Halfmoon delivers with flexibility and variety. Each program is carefully crafted to cater to your child's age, interests, and personal growth, ensuring a truly unforgettable summer.

2. A Unique Cultural Fusion Experience

Kimama Halfmoon combines the best of American summer camp values and Israeli culture. We create an inclusive and diverse environment that fosters curiosity, cultural appreciation, and lifelong friendships among our campers from all over the world.

3. Immersive and Diverse Programs

Our camp programs span across sports, arts, and adventure, ensuring every child's area of interest is met. From swimming in our serene lake to honing their theatrical skills during our talent shows, every activity at Camp Halfmoon is designed to spark creativity and bring endless fun.

4. Building Confidence and Resilience

With the picturesque setting of the Berkshires in Massachusetts as our backdrop, Camp Halfmoon is a nurturing space that cultivates confidence and resilience in our campers. From conquering new challenges to achieving personal goals, we help your child grow.

5. Experienced and Compassionate Staff

Our staff at Kimama Halfmoon are dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive, and memorable experience for every child. With their expertise, your child will be guided, encouraged, and supported throughout their journey.

Choose Kimama Halfmoon this summer, and give your child a transformative experience they'll cherish for years to come.

5 fun facts about Halfmoon Summer Camp:

  • Situated on 254 acres of pristine land, Kimama Halfmoon offers campers a stunning lakeside backdrop to connect with nature and create lasting memories.
  • Kimama Halfmoon hosts an engaging and entertaining Color War / Maccabiah, an annual event that has become a camp tradition and fosters team spirit among campers.
  • Camp Halfmoon's signature "Kabbalat Shabbat" is a unique cultural event held every Friday evening, embracing a fusion of American and Israeli customs.
  • Offering over 45 activities spanning sports, arts, and adventure, Kimama Halfmoon ensures every camper has an opportunity to flourish in their area of interest.
  • Our "Dance of the Giants / Kimama Star" is a highly anticipated event where campers, staff, and guests come together to celebrate the season and showcase their talents on stage.
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