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Many young enthusiasts start out fishing with almost no guidance - a stick, a string, and a wish for the best. But in the vast world of angling, there's so much more to learn, so many skills to master.

In this fast-paced, digital world, parents are often in search of wholesome, outdoor activities that not only provide entertainment but also educate and enrich their children’s lives. Offering a break from screens, fishing can be an exciting, educational experience that is perfectly balanced with the tranquility found in nature.

It's an activity that carries lessons extending far beyond catching fish. Through fishing, children can cultivate patience, develop problem-solving skills and nurture a lifelong respect for nature. This is where an immersive fishing experience can transform a hobby into a lifelong passion.

Designed specifically for youngsters eager to delve deeper into the world of fishing, the ultimate fishing experience for young anglers covers a comprehensive range of topics. From mastering the art of angling to understanding the significance of marine conservation—it opens up a world full of opportunities and valuable lessons.

Featured Angling Summer Camps

Candlewood Fishing camp

This business provides immersive fishing experiences for young anglers, teaching fishing techniques, promoting outdoor activities, and instilling a lifelong passion for nature.

Camp Weaver

Camp Weaver offers a variety of enriching activities such as arts and crafts, sports, horseback riding, and nature exploration.

Camp Cheerio

Camp Cheerio specializes in outdoor adventures, providing opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, zip-lining, and more.

Camp Seagull and Camp Seafarer

Camp Seagull and Camp Seafarer offer a wide range of water-based activities including sailing, kayaking, swimming, and fishing.

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The Art and Science of Fishing

A comprehensive fishing experience is not just about baiting a hook and waiting for the fish to bite. Learn about the delicate balance between patience and action, the science of choosing the right bait for various fish species, and the technique of casting and reeling that maximizes your chances of the big catch. Understand the differences between fly fishing, line fishing, and ice fishing, and learn how to choose the right method for your circumstances.

Bass Fishing - An In-depth Study

Bass fishing is a popular sport that requires specific techniques and strategies. Master the art of locating bass in various types of water bodies, understand the seasonal impact on bass behavior, and learn how to choose and use the right lures.

Beyond the Catch - Life Lessons from Fishing

Fishing teaches patience, observation, and respect for nature. Discover how the simple act of fishing can cultivate character and self-esteem in young anglers, encouraging values of patience, perseverance, sportsmanship and respect for nature.

Prepping for Fishing Tournaments

Fishing tournaments offer young anglers an opportunity to showcase their skills, learning something new and having fun while doing so. Learn how to prepare for fishing tournaments, understanding rules, practicing strategies, and working on sportsmanship.

Balancing Fishing with Conservation

Understanding fishing also means understanding marine ecosystems and the importance of conservation. Learn about catch and release practices, conservation laws, and how sustainable fishing contributes to preserving the environment for future generations

The ultimate fishing experience for young anglers lies not just in the thrill of the catch, but in mastering a range of techniques, understanding the natural world, developing character, and becoming a part of a large, global community bound by a shared passion for fishing.

5 fun facts about bass fishing:

  1. As little as 10% of the angling population account for 80% of all bass caught.

  2. Largemouth bass are considered the most intelligent freshwater fish and can distinguish and avoid specific lures after only one encounter.

  3. Bass lack eyelids and their iris is fixed, so they cannot adjust the amount of light reaching the retina. This means they avoid sunlight because it hurts their eyes.

  4. Bass are known to be more abundant and aggressive in certain areas, making them a popular target for anglers.

  5. Bass fishing is not only a popular leisure activity, but also has competitive tournaments such as the Bassmaster Classic.



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