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Unveiling the Power of Children's Theater Education

Driven by a passion for the arts and an unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences, Camps With Friends (CWF) is your ultimate guide to exceptional children's theater and performing arts camps. Explore our comprehensive database, as you dive into the vibrant tapestry of immersive, enriching, and fun-filled programs that not only inspire creativity but also nurture essential life skills. Begin your child's unique journey in the spotlight and experience the transformative power of theatre and performing arts. Welcome to a world of unforgettable experiences, only a click away.

Featured theater and performing arts camps

French Woods festival

French Woods Festival offers a unique performing arts summer camp experience, fostering creativity and independence in a safe environment. From theater to circus, discover your passion!

Camp Broadway

Camp Broadway offers immersive and interactive theater programs for youth, fostering their artistic growth and love for Broadway through experiential learning and camps.

Chinese Music Ensemble of New York

The Chinese Music Ensemble of New York combines traditional Chinese music with modern education methods, providing a unique, culturally enriching experience through engaging performances and dynamic instructional programs.

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  • Visualize a young performer suspended high above the ground, held aloft by vibrant, flowing silks.
  • Capoeira a performing art
  • Imagine a stage washed in subdued light, where larger-than-life shadows are cast on a massive, cream-colored screen.

Choose Your Own Adventure with Unique Performing Arts Camps

Open the door to a world brimming with expressive creativity and dynamic expressions with Camps With Friends. Discover extraordinary performing arts camps that promise to transport your child into realms of aerial arts, Capoeira, shadow theatre, and beyond.

Our comprehensive platform introduces parents to a plethora of stimulating and visually thrilling arts disciplines. Dive into our unparalleled database and unearth the perfect adventure for your child. Start the journey today, only with Camps With Friends.

Fun Camp Facts About Theater

  • The Dock Street Theater in Charleston, South Carolina, established in 1736, is known as America's first theater.
  • Broadway emerged in late 18th-century New York City, with "The Black Crook" (1866) as the first long-running play.
  • Philadelphia's Walnut Street Theater, continuously operational since 1809, was initially designed as an equestrian circus.
  • "The Black Crook," America's first musical from 1866, marked the start of diverse genre incorporation in U.S. theater.
  • The Tony Awards, honoring excellence in Broadway theater, initiated in 1947, are named after co-founder Antoinette Perry.

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