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Greetings Delaware parents! Are you on the lookout for the ultimate summer camp or after-school activity for your child in the First State? Trust Camps With Friends to guide your search! We've crafted our app to help you uncover the finest camps and activities throughout Delaware. With a broad spectrum of options, encompassing outdoor escapades, artistic endeavors, and academic pursuits, there's something just right for your child. Effortlessly navigate our platform, filtering by location, age criteria, or activity typology to determine the perfect match. Boost your decision-making process with the genuine insights of other Delaware parents. Take the stress out of your camp hunt by capitalizing on Camps With Friends' expertise. Download the app now and be well on your way to a wonderful summer or after-school experience for your child in Delaware!

Featured Camps in Delaware

WOW Science

WOW Science captivates young minds with hands-on STEM camps, fostering a love for science through interactive, enriching, and easy-to-access educational experiences for children.

YMCA Summer Day Camp Programs

This program offers indoor, outdoor, and overnight camp options for children of all ages

Alapocas Run State Park Summer Camps

Activities at this camp include rock climbing, rappelling, kayaking, and hiking

University of Delaware Summer Camps

Providing a range of academic, sports, music, and 4-H camps

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Unearth the Delaware magic with Camps With Friends, a treasure trove of inspiring summer camps and after-school activities. In line with Delaware's motto, "Liberty and Independence," we're here to provide a range of opportunities that celebrate personal growth. Browsing through our platform is as carefree as a summer breeze, ensuring that you find the perfect camp or activity for your children. Place your trust in Camps With Friends and navigate your way to memorable experiences in the First State.

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Fun Camp Facts About Delaware

  • Delaware was the first state to join the union on December 7, 1787.
  • Delaware is known as the "Corporate Capital" because it's home to more than one million businesses, including over 50% of all publicly-traded companies in the United States.
  • The state has no sales tax, which makes shopping a bit cheaper compared to other states.
  • The mascot of the University of Delaware is the Blue Hen, a bird that also serves as the state bird.
  • Punkin Chunkin, where participants launch pumpkins as far as they can using artillery like cannons, catapults, and trebuchets, is an annual event in Delaware.

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