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Camps With Friends is the easiest way to quickly find and connect with the camps and activities you love, right in California. No more searching dozens of websites. Everything you need to know is already in the palm of your hand.

Our user-friendly interface lets you filter businesses by location, category, time, age group, interests, and more. Take control and compare top options to make your kid’s summer dreams come true.

Featured Camps in California

Jameson Ranch Summer Camp

Jameson Ranch is a summer camp offering kids unique adventures, fostering community involvement, skill-building activities, sustainable living practices, and creating life-long memories.

Vocals On Stage

At Vocals on Stage™, we inspire and elevate young talents in singing, songwriting, and instruments, fostering vocal health and artistic expression in a nurturing environment.

Beach Cities Volleyball Club

Beach Cities Volleyball Club offers comprehensive volleyball coaching, fostering athletic growth and personal development in players through training programs, tournaments, and team-building activities.

Dan Lupo Music

Dan Lupo offers tailored piano, voice, and guitar lessons, enhancing performing arts education with a pleasing balance of structure and creative expression.

Featured Summer Camps

Airshine Music School

Airshine Music School offers comprehensive music education programs and intensive camps with a mix of traditional and innovative teaching methods for all age groups.

Fresno Art Museum

The Fresno Art Museum's Summer Art Academy offers innovative and engaging art workshops that encourage children to create, collaborate, and build cherished summer memories.

Ace Gymnastics Academy

Camps With Friends simplifies discovering and choosing enriching youth programs, bridging connections between parents and camps for memorable learning and growth experiences for children.

Young Gates Academy

At Young Gates, we connect your child with acclaimed instructors for personalized 1:1 online classes in STEM subjects including Coding , Math , English and beyond.

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Cherish the California spirit with "Camps With Friends" - a treasure trove of summer camps and after-school activities. Eureka! Discover a myriad of opportunities aimed at diverse interests and age groups. Navigating through our platform is like striking gold, uncovering the perfect camp or activity is effortless and rewarding. In line with California's state motto, finding enriching experiences should evoke a triumphant "Eureka!" Adventure awaits, so let Camps With Friends guide you in creating memorable experiences for your children.

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Fun Camp Facts About California

  • California camps emerged in the late 19th and early 20th century.
  • Educational camps date back to the early 1900s.
  • 1918 saw 1,000+ summer camps in the U.S.
  • The American Camp Association, a camp membership organization, estimates that more than 700-day camps in California enroll more than 1.2 million kids each summer.
  • One of the strangest summer camps in California is Zombie Survival Camp, where campers learn how to survive a zombie apocalypse through various activities and problem-solving skills. This unique camp offers an exciting and unconventional summer experience for kids.

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