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Attention Arkansas parents! Have you been tasked with finding the ideal summer camp or after-school activity for your child in the Natural State? Camps With Friends has you covered! Our app has been thoughtfully created to help you navigate the fantastic range of camps and activities in and around Arkansas. Explore the diverse list of options spanning from outdoor adventures to academic achievements, securing the perfect match for your child. Use our easy-to-understand filtering system to search based on location, age requirements, and activity types. Gain invaluable insights from the reviews of other Arkansas parents to guide your decision. Don't let the stress of camp exploration dampen your spirits – enlist the support of Camps With Friends! Download our app today for an unparalleled summer or after-school adventure for your child in Arkansas!

Featured Camps in Arkansas

Camp Caudle

Camp Caudle provides an immersive summer experience, blending outdoor adventure with spiritual growth in the natural beauty of Arkansas's scenic landscapes.

Arkansas United Soccer Club

Provides a fun and challenging environment for soccer training and development

The Anthony School Summer Adventures

Features day camps with activities such as art, drama, salsa dancing, sports, and woodworking

Camp Kesem

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Celebrate the Arkansas essence with Camps With Friends, a comprehensive compendium of summer camps and after-school activities. In sync with Arkansas's motto, "The People Rule," we provide versatile opportunities suitable for various interests and age groups. Our platform simplifies the search for that flawless camp or activity, making the process a rewarding experience. Trust Camps With Friends to help create brilliant memories for your children in the Natural State.


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Fun Camp Facts About Arkansas

  • Hot Springs National Park is one of the oldest protected areas in the U.S. and is famous for its thermal spring water.
  • The state is known as the "Natural State" due to its diverse landscapes that include mountains, caves, rivers, and hot springs.
  • Crater of Diamonds State Park, the world's only diamond-producing site open to the public, is located in Arkansas.
  • The Ozark National Forest covers 1.2 million acres and includes more than 500 species of trees and woody plants.
  • Little Rock Central High School is a landmark in the Civil Rights movement and is now a National Historic Site.

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