Summer Camp Marketing 101:

How to Spread the Word and Sell Out Every Year

Warm weather, laughs with friends, exciting activities, and lasting memories...yep, summer camp is as American as baseball and warm apple pie.  Who wouldn’t want to go? The U.S.A. has more than 14,000 camps vying for eager campers every year—but not all of those camps will sell out. In fact, most of them won’t.

But your camp can.  With the right camp marketing strategy, you’ll be able to connect your camp with all of the right families, in the right place, at the right time. 


eBook Mockup

It starts with creative outreach and awareness initiatives, but you’ll also need to work on targeting, messaging, registration, and retention. Read our eBook to learn the ropes of summer camp marketing 101. 

In it, you’ll discover:

  • The five aspects of a sold-out summer camp marketing strategy
  • Three ways to boost awareness of your camp
  • Strategies to hone in on your highest-opportunity leads
  • How to harness trust, logic, and emotion in your messaging
  • What goes into the perfect registration process
  • An invaluable pointer for maximizing retention

You don’t need to settle for “good enough” camp marketing or enrollment numbers.  Fill every spot and show the whole community how fantastic summer camp can be!