In Person VS Virtual VS Mobile Businesses

Can you change your business type from In Person to Virtual or Mobile style businesses? Let's find out.

Firstly let's look at these 3 types of businesses & what "our definitions" are of what these 3 terms mean.



1: In Person - An in person camp / business for Camps With Friends means that parents will drop their children off at your physical location. They could partake in activities like ballet, swimming, cheerleading, soccer, piano lessons OR summer activities like a sleep away camp, day camp or overnight camps etc.

2: Mobile - For us a mobile business is the type of business that comes to you. Perhaps you are a piano teacher BUT you go to the customers house OR perhaps you own a mobile video game truck & you are hired to come to a birthday party to entertain a bunch of 10 yr old boys playing Halo or something like that. Perhaps you're a swim coach for toddlers & you use the customers pool at their home. These are types of mobile businesses.

3: Virtual - You could be due to Covid-19 or its just the nature of your business that you offer a virtual service. Like many Mathnasiums & other companies you now not only offer In Person classes but due to the help of software like Zoom you now also offer an in home virtual service. You have employees leading online classes & instruction. This could be categories like art, music, academic lessons or gaming etc.


Update : March 18th 2021 You can now edit your business type from In-Person to Virtual via the web admin dashboard. Log In here 


Support has been added for Virtual camps to the website.

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If you have any further ideas or suggestions we'd love to hear about it.