How To Create A New Business Account!

In this article business admins will find out how to create an account and navigate through to their business profile on the website platform.

1: To start with click this link to go to the CREATE ACCOUNT screen.

Tip. Do not leave this screen by clicking LOG IN or anything else. You are here to create your account on the platform.

2: On this screen you are going to fill in your information making sure you use the same email address you originally signed up with. 

3: You will also enter your mobile phone number so we can authenticate that you're human and not a robot. That will help keep our platform clear of spammers & fake accounts etc.

4: Once you've filled everything out click on " CREATE ACCOUNT ".

5: You will then be prompted to verify your phone number via a 6 digit text number and then you will go through to your business profile page which will look like this.

Dash_Overview 1

6: Congratulations, you've made it into your dashboard overview.

Caution, if you haven't landed on your dashboard overview & you've landed on an error page or somewhere else completely random. Please contact us directly.

7: If your screen looks more like this...

Then simply reach out to us as there may be an error somewhere blocking your access to your business profile.


Now that you are in your business profile on the website you will be able to select your business & update your profile with a logo, a cover photo and start posting images & videos for parents.