Can business admins edit the ABOUT section of their profile & what flexibility & capabilities do they have.

Admins CAN edit their ABOUT section but there are some limitations so lets discuss where we are right now and what you can and can't do.

We are in the situation where a business admin can edit their profile in 2 different places.

1: The IOS App.

2: The web dashboard.


All changes made on the Web dashboard will be visible in the IOS app which is visible to parents & to the business admin. 

Parents right now ( 02-12-2021 ) do not have access to any form of website platform. They can only see whats going on in the APP. However the website will become available to parents & Android users mid March 2021. 

If an admin makes edits to the about section parents will see those changes in the APP. 

What kind of flexibility & capabilities do admins have over their ABOUT sections?

If you look in the image below you will see I've created a few different paragraphs in my description section from the web dashboard. This is your ABOUT section.



That edit / space break does not show on the live web dashboard to the admin. ( something we need to fix )


However - It does show to all parents in the APP & will show to parents when they have access to the website.



So as you can see if you add paragraphs / space breaks it will show in the live APP. We will be releasing more updates to this section in the coming weeks as which will include clickable URL's.