Understanding the New 'Camp Moments' Feature in Camps with Friends

What is "Camp Moments"?

Camps with Friends (CWF) continuously look for ways to enhance user experience and engagement. We are excited to introduce the new feature 'Camp Moments' to our Gold and Platinum program administrators. This feature will help you to connect with parents in a new, exciting way and share the memorable moments of their kids at your program.

What is Camp Moments?

Camp Moments is a new, secure photo-sharing feature available exclusively to CWF program administrators on the Gold and Platinum Plans. It allows them to upload photos and share them with parents via a secure link.

Supported Formats

'Camp Moments' supports jpeg, png, and Heic formats. This wide range of formats ensures most photographs can be uploaded and shared without needing to convert to different formats.

Uploading and Sharing Camp Moments

Every picture uploaded via the 'Camp Moments' feature gets automatically compressed by our intelligent system. This compression ensures easy saving, sharing, and downloading without compromising on image quality.

Program administrators can upload the pictures to their CWF admin portal. Each album generates a secure link which can then be shared with parents via email or as a direct message.

The secure link comes with a 4-digit secure PIN code which parents will need to access the photos.



Example Email That Should Be Sent To Parents: ( remember to add your own URL link & PIN, in this is an example which you can test on )

Dear [First name],
We're thrilled to share special moments from this weeks classes with you through 'Camp Moments'! Accessing photos of your child's adventures is straightforward. Here's all you need to do:
    1. Click the Link: Here is the link to your child's class / camp album. Tap or click this link on any device (phone, computer, or iPad).
    2. Create Your Free Account: The first time you use Camp Moments, you'll be prompted to create a free parent account on Camps With Friends. It’s your gateway to all those cherished class / camp memories.
    3. Enter the 4-Digit PIN: Once your account is ready, enter the unique 4-digit PIN code (PIN: 6156) to unlock and access the album. Enjoy diving into the world of your child's class experience!
Remember: If you’re given additional links for more albums later, you won't need to create a new account. Just log in, enter the new PIN, and you're all set to view the newest class stories.
We aim to make accessing these precious moments as easy as counting 1-2-3, ensuring you're always connected to your child's day. Should you need any assistance, we're just a message away!
The [ Business name here] Team

Parental Access to Camp Moments

Entering the PIN code is simple.

Plan Based Limitations

With a Gold plan subscription, program administrators can upload up to 250 photos a month. Platinum plan members can upload 1250 per month, making it an excellent option for large programs and camps that have many unforgettable moments to share. ( This will be changed to a yearly number soon )

Embrace the joy of bringing smiles to the faces of parents with 'Camp Moments' and stay connected with your community.

Note: Contact us at info@campswithfriends.com for more assistance or queries relating to 'Camp Moments' including if you would like to upgrade your plan and start "wowing" your parents.