Elevate How You Share the Magic of your Youth Programs through Camp Moments

Camp Moments revolutionizes the way you share the joy and achievements of your program with families.

Camp Moments is:

  • A seamless and secure photo-sharing tool
  • The latest in facial recognition technology to connect families directly to their child’s experience
  • A community-building platform for your biggest fans

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Effortless Sharing
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Upload and share captivating albums effortlessly. Our platform supports .jpg, .png, and Apple's .heic formats, ensuring no moment is missed.

Facial Recognition Technology
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Our groundbreaking facial recognition feature revolutionizes how parents find and organize their children in photos, prioritizes privacy, and guarantees that cherished memories are easily accessible for the right families.

Secure, Private Albums
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Share memories confidently with PIN-protected albums ensuring that each child’s magical moments are safely shared with their families.

Enhanced Connectivity
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Parents joining through shared albums automatically follow your program on Camps With Friends, boosting visibility and engagement in an organic way.

Community Growth through Groups
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Continuous notifications to parents about new photos keep the engagement alive, promoting your program and strengthening the community bond. Parents are automatically added to Album discussion groups.

“Parents were able to easily navigate the album and it was satisfying for them to see our photos.”
Breakwater Expeditions-1
Angie Roberts, Lead Guide & Owner, BREAKWATER EXPEDITIONS.

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AI Content Hub

AI Content Hub

Introducing our all-new AI Content Hub, a revolutionary tool designed to streamline your content creation process with smart, AI-driven solutions. This cutting-edge feature not only saves your business time by generating engaging content in seconds but also significantly reduces marketing expenses, empowering you to focus more on your core mission.

Community Groups

Community Groups

Community Groups, offers both administrators and parents the unique opportunity to create dynamic groups and discussions centered around the diverse world of youth programs. From summer camps to local enrichment initiatives, this platform fosters open dialogue and community engagement on everything related to youth development and programming.

Camp Moments

Smart Photo Tagging

Our Smart Photo Tagging feature transforms the way businesses handle event photography, employing cutting-edge facial recognition technology to swiftly catalog participant images. This leads to streamlined photo management and enhanced engagement opportunities for admins who manage youth programs, ultimately saving time and boosting customer satisfaction.


Revolutionizing the way families discover youth programming, Camps With Friends is your go-to platform for connecting parents with the perfect activities for their kids. We’re not just about finding programs; we’re about creating lasting friendships and unforgettable moments, one adventure at a time.

Discover how Camps With Friends can elevate your youth program’s visibility and create deeper connections with families — schedule a one-on-one demo with us today to unlock the potential.